Thursday, 6 February 2014

Never mix full and empty batteries ever again

Our logo: full/empty marker
We all have drawers full of AA or AAA batteries. While some of them are full, others are empty.

This can become a problem when you're in front of a crying kid waiting for you to replace the batteries of his toy or if you're taking group pictures and you have everybody waiting for you to find which batteries are fresh enough to put in your camera or flash.

The usual solution implies two distinct boxes to store the fresh ones apart from the ones on their way to recycling. On the go, you get the same issue and need extra discipline to keep them apart... unless you use the neat little trick below.

At we need extra care when handling batteries to avoid mixing them (we even number them, keep a log book and a database) but battery boxes can go a long way:

You need to use a little box of the right size (e.g. a matchbox, just make sure you're not using a metallic container ;-) or one made for that purpose (e.g. on or Print our label (see download section below). And glue it to the box...
This matchbox has exactly the right
size for 4 AA batteries
... you then easily remember which batteries are empty from the full ones by storing them upright or upside down.

Label, batteries and
a battery box

Download section

Logo to print and stick on your
battery boxes
Licence: These models are free to for commercial and non-commercial uses. For online publishing, your are kindly requested to publish the PNG version only with a link back to this page. Please do not publish a modified version of these files.

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