Best Disposable (Alkaline)

You will find hereunder the list of Alkaline batteries we tested and how well they performed against each other.

Depending on your device, you are going to look for different battery features. Click on the links below to sort the comparison table:

Low consumption or little used devices or devices used only for emergencies (e.g. torch, remote control, clock, smoke detector...)
You are looking here for a low self discharge battery such a disposable alkaline or lithium battery.

Devices with a large battery turnover (heavily used or energy hungry):
You are looking for rechargeable batteries with the best value regarding capacity (and number of charge cycles).

Power hungry/high drain devices:
You will want a battery with a very low internal resistance (to let the current flow), measured in miliOhms. Rechargeable NiMh usually perform well here.

Photo from Kelvin Kay
You want the cheapest battery, regardless of its capacity or performance:
'Heavy duty' or 'Alkaline' batteries are your best bet.

- Click on the column titles below to sort the table -

Brand Model Cost per battery
When you want the cheapest battery
Cost of energy
Best value for your energy
Battery capacity
Longest lasting batteries
Internal resistance
Lower is better for high drain devices
2.00 €/bat
1.03 €/Ah
0.88 €/Wh
1,947 mAh
2,276 mWh
406 mOhm
2.37 €/bat
1.04 €/Ah
0.88 €/Wh
2,288 mAh
2,691 mWh
345 mOhm
0.99 €/bat
0.57 €/Ah
0.49 €/Wh
1,734 mAh
2,001 mWh
169 mOhm
Super alkaline
1.25 €/bat
0.74 €/Ah
0.64 €/Wh
1,683 mAh
1,951 mWh
227 mOhm
0.25 €/bat
0.17 €/Ah
0.14 €/Wh
1,460 mAh
1,759 mWh
210 mOhm
0.75 €/bat
0.41 €/Ah
0.35 €/Wh
1,837 mAh
2,119 mWh
130 mOhm

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