Best Rechargeable (NiMh)

You will find hereunder the list of Rechargeable NiMh batteries we tested and how well they performed against each other.

The best value will depend on what you want to do with them. Here is a short reminder:
  • Low consumption or little used devices or devices used only for emergencies:
    You are looking here for a low self discharge battery such a disposable alkaline or lithium battery.
  • Devices with a large battery turnover (heavily used or energy hungry):
    You are looking for rechargeable batteries with the best value regarding capacity (and number of charge cycles).
  • Power hungry/high drain devices:
    You will want a battery with a very low internal resistance (to let the current flow), measured in miliOhms. Rechargeable NiMh usually perform well here.
  • You want the cheapest battery, regardless of its capacity or performance:
    'Heavy duty' or 'Alkaline' batteries are your best bet.
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Brand Model Cost per battery
Higher means you pay more for one battery
Cost per Ah
Higher means you pay more for the same energy
Cost per Wh
Higher means you pay more for the same energy
Capacity (mAh)
Higher means more energy in the battery 
Capacity (mWh)
Higher means more energy in the battery 
Internal resistance (mOhm)
Lower is better
for high drain applications
5.00 €/bat
2.02 €/Ah
1.61 €/Wh
2,475 mAh
3,100 mWh
35 mOhm
Eneloop 1900mAh
2.34 €/bat
1.18 €/Ah
0.94 €/Wh
1,979 mAh
2,482 mWh
33 mOhm
Piles rechargeables prêtes à l'emploi
3.25 €/bat
1.60 €/Ah
1.29 €/Wh
2,035 mAh
2,517 mWh
44 mOhm
LSD 2400mAh
1.18 €/bat
0.48 €/Ah
0.39 €/Wh
2,458 mAh
3,040 mWh
46 mOhm

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